Whale Watching Bremer Canyon

5:30 am: I woke up half an hour before my alarm started. Today is a big day! Today I was going to see Killer Whales (Orcas) for the first time in my life! I was super excited and couldn’t wait to see those fascinating creatures. I got really lucky that one of my aunts colleagues had a spare ticket left so I didn’t had to pay anything at all. I am not sure if I would have done something like this if I had to pay it by myself. It is quite expensive and I probably wouldn’t have wanted to spend that much money on it.

Now I know that it’s worth the money. I had an absolutely amazing day on a boat on the sea and next time I would definitely spent this money for a trip like this!

After the “check in” and quick safety instructions we left the harbour around 8:00. It was an awesome day with picture perfect weather conditions. The smooth sea allowed us to see far, which was perfect to watch out for the whales.

Not long after we left, some dolphins came to say hello and they swam with us for a couple of minutes, after they disappeared in the wide ocean. It was the first time that I saw dolphins in my life and it made me super happy to see them swimming so close next to us. The perfect start for this day!

We also saw three Sunfish in under an hour! Usually they are really rare to see but I guess we got very lucky this time.

Later an Albatross and Shearwaters crossed our way and the captain fed them with some fish leftovers. It was fun to see the birds “fighting” for the delicious meal. Once the captain threw the fish the birds tried to catch it all at once and they made really fun sounds.

In the afternoon we saw a sleepy New Zealand Fur Seal enjoying his Sunday afternoon grooming session. Most of the time his head was underwater but I managed it to get a good shot!

And then, when I almost gave up hope to see them, Orcas!

Those creatures are truly amazing.

I can’t really describe in words how this whole trip was, so I just let you enjoy some more photographs.

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