Bucket List

Having a bucket list is a great thing. It showes all your dreams and goals on one page and everything that you’ve already reached. Plus: the feeling to slowly fulfill your dreams is just truly amazing!

I’m about to show you my Bucket List, a list, wich is constantly growing.

Have fun with reading it! Maybe it inspires you to start your own? Or to add some things to your list.

My Bucket List

(x) Work and Travel in Australia

Roadtrip (Australia)

Great Ocean Road (Australia)

3 months of farm work (Australia)

(x) See a Kangaroo


Quad riding

Swim with dolphins

(x) Whale watching

See a turtle

Zip lining

2nd ear hole

Get a Tattoo

Sport boat licence

Sailing licence

Open Water licence (Bali)

Wreck diving

Surfen lernen

Surfen on Hawaii

Travel Asia

Get Yoga lessons

Camino de Santiago (Jakobsweg)

Indian food in India

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